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Freight Consultancy and Compliance Services

We are consistent providers of relevant expertise – By contracting your Freight Management to Logistrat, you are guaranteed a continuity of service and expertise. We ensure the provision and continuity of staffing levels and the provision of holiday cover without the need for you to re-recruit and incur ancillary costs.

Formed as a specialised division within MIES, Logistrat provides a range of professional Freight Training and Freight Management services. Our expertise is designed to compliment the successful strategies of businesses engaged in International Trade, by offering practical solutions and training platforms.

Having a dedicated and expert team taking care of the complexities of international shipping including—HM Revenue & Customs, Letters of Credit and Intrastat Processing, you can be sure that all of your international trade matters are completely compliant with any governing body who may be involved.

As an independent advisor, Logistrat can work alongside any Freight Forwarding Company or Logistics Provider, without any conflict or unnecessary change to a company’s current supply chain.


By contracting these peripheral activities and adopting a sound approach to the business of logistics, we provide the support that is necessary to enable companies to focus their resources on core activities, ensuring the continued growth and success of their business.

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