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Air Freight Forwarding

Airfreight Services by MIES International 

By choosing MIES International for your airfreight needs, you gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. Our team of air cargo experts work tirelessly to secure the most efficient routes and services, ensuring your shipment arrives fast.

As a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for over 35 years, MIES has established relationships with major airlines worldwide. This grants us the ability to directly access rates, services and master air waybills without relying on an agent or freight forwarder, resulting in cost savings for our clients.

We work closely with a network of global service partners, enabling us to provide tailor-made air transport solutions that meet your international supply chain needs. From one kilogram shipments to full air charter capacity, we offer a full range of air transport services, including handling of dangerous goods.

Our expertise in airfreight can help you sell your products by providing quicker and more cost-effective solutions than your competitors.  We find ways of maximising profit for your business through the whole supply chain, including airfreight options such as:

  • Freighter aircraft available through major UK and worldwide hubs

  • Freight on-board passenger aircraft utilising the entire worldwide airport network

  • In-depth knowledge of aircraft type and model data specifics

  • Huge variety of routing and schedule options to choose from

  • Commercial appraisal of airfreight operations and customs procedures

  • Air charters, project airfreight and bespoke shipments

  • Full insurance options through to the door for all airfreight (exclusions apply)

  • IATA membership ensures financial stability, service availability and rate security

  • DGSN (dangerous goods) advice and operational capability.

  • On-forwarding to inland destinations worldwide

  • Warehousing and cost effective bonded storage facilities available all over the world

  • Fast-tracked customs clearances and paperwork submissions for immediate forwarding of goods to destination

  • Variety of consolidations available for cost-effective airfreight

Choose MIES International for your airfreight needs and experience the difference.

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