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Customs Clearance and Brokerage Services by MIES International

Our customs brokerage is at the heart of our business. MIES International was conceived 40 years ago as a customs clearance specialist to the wider freight industry in the UK. In the many years we have been handling customs clearances for clients of all types, there are very few situations we haven't seen or problems we haven't resolved. In fact many of our clients ask for our help when training  staff in respect of customs matters.

The need for an office at every port has gone. With the modernisation of HM Revenue & Customs, all customs entries and payments are dealt with electronically via a centralised HMRC location. With our continuous investment in computer systems and communications, MIES specialist customs clearance staff are able to clear your import or export shipment from any of our terminals no matter what port or airport your goods arrive at or depart from.

As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), you can be assured of a first class service on ALL customs related matters. We take pride in being an AEO and MIES was amongst the first Midlands based forwarders to be approved. The assessment programme is rigorous and certification confirms a company’s ability to work to extremely high standards of customs compliance.

AEO is a World Customs Organisation initiative with the aim of providing businesses with an internationally recognised quality mark, indicating safe and secure practices within the International Supply Chain. The Benefits include a reduction in physical and documentary checks, and simplification of data requirements. Additional benefits will be implemented by customs over forthcoming years.

MIES have always put customs matters high on our agenda list. We have experts on hand to offer advice and assistance with all customs freight related services. We can offer assistance with Binding Tariff Information, Tariff Classification, Bonded Warehousing, Duty Rates, Special Customs Procedures such as IPR, OPR and End Use Relief, Import & Export Clearance and a whole range of other Customs Consultancy.


  • Use of cutting edge software with direct links to HMRC systems

  • Full management of customs strategy, and implementation

  • Complete compliance management of all customs matters

  • CDS and latest up to date systems implemented and fully compliant

  • Clearances handled at multiple air, sea and rail terminals - full coverage for customs brokerage throughout the UK

  • Assistance with binding tariff and tariff classification

  • Bonded (ERTS ETSF) warehousing and payment on dispatch

  • Assessment and evaluation of existing methods and practice improving business cashflow and efficiency

  • Specialist procedures such as ATA Carnet, IPR, OPR, EUR and RGR

  • Range of customs control consultancy and training services available, saving time and money for your business

  • AEO certified customs broker - providing speed, simplification and stability for customs procedures

  • EDI options available for automated entry processing


Our brokerage team is on hand to assist you in optimising your import and export processes. What's more, under the guidance of our customs experts  and their independently certified methods, you need never worry about a customs and excise audit ever again. Our thorough checking and internal auditing procedures should flush out any anomalies or mistakes and rectify any problem before it becomes a regulatory issue.

Contact us today to find out how you can start saving time and money in respect of your customs related activities.

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