Image by Lieselot. Dalle

Packing Services by MIES International

Long experience in freight forwarding has provided some valuable insights into how goods should be packed and prepared for shipment. We have coupled our experience in shipping with exhaustive knowledge in joinery and export packing to offer customers a full spectrum of freight and logistics-related services under one roof.

2 separate packing facilities work as stand alone businesses but also integrate seamlessly with our warehousing and freight service offerings. This provides customer with a truly end to end service from the end of the production line to the front door of the buyer. 

We believe packing goes in hand with shipping an that is why we concentrate on the full logistics supply chain as the focus for our business. Where our competitors simply 'bolt on' services to their core competencies as a afterthought, we retain the best talent in each logistics sector and can provide genuine expertise is every aspect of importing and exporting.

Freight packing is a highly specialist area and our facilities can provide a range of packing services for many types of shipments:

  • Bespoke product design and build packaging

  • Full deign concept and CAD service

  • Hazardous materials packaged to UN and IMO compliance

  • Heavy lift and special projects

  • Special handling and fragile goods

  • Lashing and securing to IMO and CSS standards

  • Vacuum sealing, moisture protection and composite treatments

  • Robust, high quality joinery using the finest tools and materials

  • Container stuffing and unloading

  • Stuffing and covering of flat racks, open tops and platform containers

Our multi-disciplinary approach is highly valued by our clients who tell us they are hard pressed to find a comprehensive offering anywhere else in the freight and logistics industry.


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