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The Importance of Customs Compliance

The World of International Trade and Logistics is becoming ever more complicated, ever more controlled by red-tape and even more dominated by Customs Compliance. The responsibilities of being “Customs Compliant” are being pushed more and more in the direction of the Exporter/Importer and this can be a real headache to a business that has inappropriate skill and resource in international freight forwarding and international customs matters.

Enter the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator), effectively a “Customs Trusted Trader”.

Companies holding an Authorised Economic Operator certification have a real advantage over companies that are not AEO certified. It is believed that “Post Brexit” AEO certification will become more desirable as an internationally recognised accreditation, to aid the ebb and flow of international cargo movements.

AEO’s are rigorously audited by HM Revenue and Customs, so by forming a partnership or alliance with MIES International Limited, an existing AEO, an exporter/importer can have a massive edge on its competition, save money by working with an already approved "trusted trader" and have the peace of mind knowing that their Customs Compliance matters are in safe hands.

MIES International Limited is an approved AEO and has been since November 2009. We were one of the first local freight forwarders to be awarded the certification. We have nearly ten years of expertise under our belt. So if you want compliance peace of mind, contact our expert team, who are waiting to receive your call.

Tel: 01332 813270 / Email:

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