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MIES Position on BREXIT

As BREXIT looms ever closer, there are still many uncertainties and challenges ahead for any UK company involved in Exporting and/or Importing. It is difficult to predict what will happen to trade flow, until a BREXIT Deal has been confirmed and agreed upon.

We are all involved in extraordinary times and MIES International is currently working closely with all industry bodies to mitigate any risks. Undoubtedly there will be changes, whatever the outcome and MIES are here to help you evaluate the situation as BREXIT unfolds.

The principle source of our information is coming from the below organizations.

  • HMRC – All customs related issues.

  • BIFA – Our trade body that is in close liaison with HM Government.

  • Software suppliers that facilitate customs entries.

  • Individual carriers, airlines, shipping lines and transport operators.

We have highlighted the below areas of major concern that we are trying to establish answers or direction of travel.

  • Any changes to the process of committing customs entries.

  • Any changes to the amount of duties paid on arrival of goods into the UK

  • Any additional regulatory changes to goods coming into, or leaving the UK

  • The impact of any of the above on the supply chain.

NB. The above are still subject to high level government decisions and therefore cannot be answered easily. Away from government decisions and consequent HMRC actions, commercial operators have got significant plans for when these decisions are forth coming. We are also seeing central government making contingency plans and funds available for infrastructure and training projects.

While we await decisions we are doing all possible to ensure that MIES are best placed to accommodate any new customs regulations. This includes:-

  • AEO status allowing additional customs authorizations.

  • Bonded warehouses for inland clearances.

  • Customs IT software with sufficient upgrade options.

We will continue to closely monitor all industry channels and ensure relevant information is passed on to all stakeholders.

In the meantime should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact your MIES representative and keep a close eye on our Social Media Pages and our Website for further updates and news broadcasts.

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