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UK IMPORTERS - Are you prepared for January 1st 2022?

UK Importers should be aware of the changes that will take place from January 1st 2022, when full import controls, for goods from the EU, will apply.

This has been well publicised for sometime now throughout the freight media, yet there are worrying concerns that many import businesses are simply not ready or have not made their plans.

There is no better time to employ the services of a professional freight forwarder. MIES International Limited specialises in import and export customs declarations and administration. We have over 40 years of experience in customs compliance.

Why try and undertake customs compliance yourself, and risk major problems, including fines and penalities, when you get it wrong. If you haven't the right skills and expertise in your business, then inevitably you will get it wrong.

We are here to help you and we have many satisfied customers who have employed our services for years. Contact our sales team, we are ready to help you. email:


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