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Warehousing and Fulfilment Services by MIES International

Our state of the art warehousing facilities are located in the centre of the UK, close to the M1 and M6 trunk corridors. This makes them ideally placed for the physical distribution of goods across the UK.

Our status as an ERTS / ETSF facility means we must uphold the highest standards of care, storage and retrieval in the industry. There are clear traceable audit trails through the entire process. Our customers benefit from a highly optimised value chain solution, whereby duties are paid on dispatch, rather than the full inbound shipment. This makes a huge impact on their  cash flow and profitability as businesses. 

Understand the entire supply chain from supplier to customer through one single point of contact

  • All facilities are modern, dry, well-lit, indoor controlled environments with comprehensive security coverage

  • Rapid order pick and dispatch preparation via our online customer portal

  • Re-palletisation, pick, pack and sort offered

  • Labelling and re-labelling of pallets and cartons

  • Protective packing and preparation of shipments suitable for transport by sea, air and road

  • Tailored bespoke solutions to suit almost all supply chain methodologies

  • Certified AEO customs broker, freight forwarder and logistics provider - giving piece of mind and transparency through the entire supply chain

  • Integration with distribution, forwarding, packing and stuffing operations all completed in house

  • Software integration over EDI and other technology enhancements are available

  • Dangerous goods handling, packing, storage and certification

  • Tax and duty efficiency and enhancements to business cash flow

There are many good reasons to use MIES for the storage, warehousing, fulfilment and dispatch of your shipments to your valued customers, partners and distributors.

Talk to us today about how we can help to analyse your business' physical distribution model and streamline your processes ready for the economy of tomorrow.


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