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Freight training, mentoring and support

Training, Mentoring and Support by MIES International

Maximize your business's international trade potential with our professional freight management and training services. We offer practical solutions and training platforms to complement your business's strategies.


With our expert team handling the complexities of international shipping, including compliance with HM Revenue & Customs and Letters of Credit, you can rest assured that your international trade matters are fully compliant.

As an independent advisor, MIES can work with any freight forwarding company or logistics provider, without disrupting your current supply chain. By outsourcing peripheral activities and implementing a sound logistics approach, we provide the support necessary for your company to focus on core activities and drive growth and success.

MIES International has technical expertise in customs compliance, freight management, supply chain and logistics best practice. Independently assessed and AEO certified, you can be assured of the excellence of our business activities.


 Explore Our Training, Mentoring and Support Services Below:

Courses in internaitonal trade and freight managment

Freight, International  Trade and 
Compliance Training Courses

We have been offering training and mentoring to groups and individuals for many years. Happy to pass on our knowledge in order to save our clients money and time through comprehensive training of operations staff. These tailor-made courses can cover all things freight related and can be directed towards new recruits or can serve as refreshers to seasoned professionals needing to keep on top of the ever changing regulatory landscape in our industry.

We run training workshops in house or at our client premises covering the full range of skills in our industry from 'Import and Export Basics'  through to 'Advanced Customs Procedures'.

These courses can be further refined by incorporating the practical issues faced by your business, ensuring your staff have the most up to date and relevant knowledge to understand any freight problem thrown at them. The client can go on to organise their shipping operations accordingly and there is no obligation to use our freight forwarding, warehousing, brokerage or packing services thereafter.

It is our belief that all freight professionals should have an appreciation of the complexities of shipping operations and this leads to fruitful working relationships far into the future.

Dangerous and hazardous goods DGSN
Dangerous Goods

Support for Handling Dangerous and Hazardous Goods

At MIES International Ltd, we understand the importance of safely handling and transporting dangerous goods. That's why we have a fully qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) on our team, who can provide expert consultancy services.

Our DGSA will provide monitoring and advisory services to ensure compliance with regulations and recommendations for the transport, packing, and handling of hazardous materials. We are also available to provide assistance in case of any incidents or problems during transportation.

Our team of experienced professionals in the Midlands will manage the specialized handling and packing of dangerous goods.


We offer a range of DGSA services:

  • Monitoring compliance with regulations  governing the transportation, packing, handling and preparation of dangerous goods.

  • Advise on health, safety, and environmental issues for employees and third party contractors


  • Preparation of annual reports in line with current  legislation.

With our expertise in dangerous goods handling, you can rest assured that your shipments will be in safe hands.


Contact us to learn more about our dangerous goods services.

Freight Managemnt

Freight Management

MIES International Ltd provides a complete solution for clients through their comprehensive International Freight Management services. Our strategic planning service ensures seamless integration with your Company Production Planning, manufacturing process, Export Sales Department, Current Logistics Provider, and customer demands. The service offers price control by balancing shipping costs with the business model and methods to implement systems to eliminate ineffective and inefficient logistics.

MIES tailors systems and suppliers to meet your pre-agreed strategy and planning, carrying out all implementation requirements on your behalf. The management service ensures cost-effective logistics, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

As a client, you can benefit from our mini-contracts, designed to address specific challenges faced by companies involved in the complexities of International Freight Forwarding.


With MIES, you can expect a professional and reliable service that streamlines your international shipping requirements, providing peace of mind.

Speak to us today to learn how you can start saving money and time by utilising our freight management services.

Assistance with freight finance
Freight Finance

Freight Finance

MIES excels in providing top-notch freight management services.


Our operatives have specialized expertise in handling Letters of Credit.  From the initial negotiation stage to the final presentation and payment, our team takes care of the entire process. We offer extensive support and guidance, covering all aspects of freight and shipping related finance.

When it comes to Intrastat and ESL processing, MIES offers a comprehensive service that handles the processing and electronic submission of your declarations to HM Revenue and Customs. Our team ensures accuracy and compliance, streamlining the administrative burden associated with these requirements.

Managing Duty Deferment Accounts is another area where MIES excels. We offer a comprehensive service that involves managing, controlling, and verifying the usage of your Duty Deferment Account. With our expertise, we ensure that your deferment is used with proper authorization and that duty and VAT deductions are accurately executed.

With MIES as your freight management partner, you can rest assured that these critical aspects of your operations are handled efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Auditing and complaince checks
Auditing andCompliance

Auditing and Compliance

At MIES, our freight management services go beyond the basics. We offer a comprehensive approach that includes conducting a thorough health check on your company's customs compliance, freight spend, and associated charges. With our independent perspective, we ensure that you receive a complete evaluation of your international trade management practices.

One of the key areas we focus on is Duty and VAT Analysis. We monitor your CDS or Deferment Account, ensuring that you're not paying duty unnecessarily. Our expertise helps you optimize the usage of your account, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency.

We also conduct IPR-OPR Audits to determine if you're taking full advantage of HMRC Tax Relief Schemes. Our thorough assessment helps identify opportunities for tax relief and ensures compliance with applicable regulations.

A critical aspect of our freight management services is Complete Shipping Cost Analysis. We analyze your freight spend across different modes including Couriers, Airfreight, Seafreight, and Roadfreight. By evaluating your current logistics strategy, we identify areas for improvement and cost reduction, helping you achieve a lean and optimized supply chain.

Intrastat & ESL Analysis is another area where we excel. We handle the completion and electronic submission of your declarations to HMRC, ensuring accuracy and compliance with reporting requirements.

With our Customs Planning & Compliance services, we conduct thorough audits to check various aspects such as Licensing, Tariff Headings and Classification, Duty Relief Schemes, Duty Rates, and International Documentation. Our expertise ensures that your customs processes are aligned with regulations, minimizing risks and optimizing efficiency.


Partner with MIES for comprehensive freight management solutions that optimize your customs compliance, reduce costs, and enhance your international trade operations.

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