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Are You Ready for a Customs Audit?

In a recent survey, over a quarter of UK traders said they felt that they were not adequately prepared for a customs audit, should one happen imminently.

In the majority of cases some businesses stated that they were either, not very aware or not aware at all, of the requirements and responsibilities to be fully customs compliant at all times.

UK Customs can impose fines of up to £2,500.00 for being non-compliant.

MIES International has over 40 years experience in all matters relating to UK Customs Compliance and UK Customs Audits. We have a team of experts available to your business, able to offer instant advice, support and expertise in these matters.

We can prepare your business for an audit, advise on what happens during one, advise on what HMRC look for when they conduct an audit and much more.

With many changes to UK customs legislation and administration in the pipeline, don't ignore your UK Trade Compliance Management. Don't risk your business for the sake of a phone call or an email enquiry.

Please contact our sales and marketing department and get the peace of mind you are looking for.


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