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Far East Imports - in it for the Long Haul

The current challenges for importers look set to continue into the New Year, through 2022 and beyond...

Shareholders of the major shipping lines are in the rare position of seeing their investments growing apace this year and it seems the party is set to continue into 2022 and beyond with post-pandemic demand predicted to outstrip supply until at least the end of next year when the first deliveries of new builds will begin to sail out of the world's shipyards.

Drewry has revised its forecast for liner profits combined. The industry looks set to make a record breaking (Drewry called it 'eye watering') USD 150 billion in 2021.

The prediction, if correct, spells more heartache for importers who were hoping for some loosening of the market during Q2 or Q3 of 2022.

At MIES we are keeping a close eye on developments and we are working directly with customers to try and mitigate some of the effects of these unusual prices.


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